Valentine’s Day for Families and Nannies

valentine's day for families and nanniesValentine’s Day is upon us, and families and nannies both often wonder how to help the children celebrate. While store-bought cards are thoughtful and convenient, they will adorn the counter or windowsill for a few weeks, then ultimately retire to a drawer somewhere, even with the best of intentions to be saved for years to come. Why not make this year’s gift something sentimental and give the “drawer of memories” a bit more room?

We asked our friends on Facebook for some of their favorite Valentine’s Day gifts to give to parents, as well as some of their favorite to receive as a nanny.  Here is a brief list of the most popular responses.

For Parents

A dinner date with the kids

Plan a special dinner at home with the family’s favorite foods, and have the children help make everything! Let the kids give the dining room a restaurant name, leave an “RSVP card” for the parents to open in the morning, have the kids create a hand-written menu, then slip it into a sheet protector or laminate it using clear packing tape.

Mommy Money/Daddy Dollars

A new twist on the old classic: coupon books.  Most dollar stores sell packs of blank printouts of “money,” allowing the children to decorate each dollar and assign it a value. You can help them create a Valentine’s Day sales flyer to give their parents! Ideas could include “movie night” or “reverse bedtime” (the children tuck the parents in to bed, and read them a story).


Parents are often guilty of having stacks of their children’s artwork on desks, in drawers, and in boxes, waiting to be put into scrapbooks or frames.  Why not create an affordable and fun display for them to admire, display, and store the works of their aspiring artists? By hitting up your local thrift shop or going to an art supply store with a coupon (almost all are available digitally), you could pick up a shadow box (also called a collector’s case) for about $5. By carefully placing the most recent masterpiece backed by cork board or a matte to the front of the glass, and using poster putty to keep it in place, you’ll have a few inches of space to store previous pieces. (Tip:  If you save one piece from each month, you can scan them to have printed as calendars for the holidays!)

For Nannies

Valentine’s Day breakfast

Mornings can be hectic for the entire family, the nanny included! But with a bit of prep-work the night before, you can surprise her with a treat to start the day, and let her have some time with the family. You could make heart-shaped pancakes the night before, and reheat them in the toaster or oven a few minutes before the nanny arrives.

Kids Cash

Using the same concept as “Mommy Money” or “Daddy Dollars,” give your nanny a Valentine’s Day bonus in the form of fun activities to do with the kids! Have them create a sales flyer that caters to her.


One of the best gifts you could possibly give a nanny for Valentine’s Day would be memories. Nannies sometimes have multiple families, each with multiple children in them, so they end up with lots of “stuff.” Rather than presenting your nanny with another well-meaning gift certificate or trinket, why not plan an outing for her and the children, and be sure to offer to pay for any photo-ops that are provided at the event. This way, not only will she have the experience, but also a great memory of it. (Bonus: once you see the picture, be sure to scan it or take a very clear picture of the picture, so you can print it and frame it, along with a heartfelt note of thanks!)

Retaining Your Nanny: an Infographic

Once you’ve found the perfect nanny for your family, you’ll want to do all that you can to retain your nanny. After putting a lot of time and effort into finding the right match, you’ll want to keep a good employee for as long as possible. Losing one employee and searching for a replacement is costly, time-consuming, and disruptive to your family, especially your children.

Based on recent surveys of household employers and nannies, our friends at GTM Payroll Services have created this infographic, which lays out the best practices for retaining your nanny. It includes what a nanny is looking for in a family, how to show appreciation for your nanny with bonuses and benefits, and why nannies want to be paid legally.

Establish your family as an employer nannies want to work for and improve their job satisfaction by following this data. A happier nanny leads to a more productive workplace – not to mention happier children! Click the image below for a larger version of the “Retaining Your Nanny” infographic.

retaining your nanny









Contact us for more information at (518) 348-0400.

Unique Holiday Gifts for Your Nanny

unique gifts for your nannyThis time of year we enjoy giving gifts to friends and family, but it’s also a time to show our appreciation for the caregivers who look after children on a daily basis. Nannies not only are in charge of the kids but often clean, cook, do laundry, and other chores. Many arrive before parents go to work and stay until mom and/or dad get home. They can be long days without a lot of interaction with other adults.

If you employ a nanny, here are some unique holiday gifts to show your nanny that you appreciate the work they do and what they mean for your family. Sharing any of these gifts with a note from your children makes the recognition even that more special.

Give a Holiday Bonus

Who doesn’t love extra cash? According to a recent survey of household employers and nannies by GTM Payroll Services, ninety-four percent of nannies receive a holiday gift.

Subscription to Nanny Magazine

Nanny Magazine features trusted tips, expert insights, and childcare advice that can help your nanny achieve “next-level nannying status” and feel connected to the “nanny world.” There are print and digital subscriptions available.

Membership in the International Nanny Association

Another career-boosting resource is membership in the International Nanny Association. This non-profit organization provides information, education, tools, and guidance for professional nannies. There are also opportunities to connect with other nannies and develop valuable relationships that can help them with their jobs.

Sign up for a Nanny Certificate Course through

Nannies can learn more about basic child safety, children’s health and nutrition, emergency readiness, and more through online courses at The site also offers a 13-lesson, CACHE-endorsed learning program led by award-winning and industry expert Michelle LaRowe.

Provide a Gift Card to a Favorite Store, Salon, or Spa

Let your nanny pamper themselves.

Add an Extra Day of PTO

Give your nanny some time off.

Make a Donation

Is there a cause or charitable organization your nanny cares deeply about? Make a donation to that group in their name.

Got any more good ideas? Share them with us!

20 Gift Ideas for Your Nanny

20 gift ideas for your nannyIt’s that time of year again! People are making their lists (and checking them twice) of all the gifts they want to buy for the holidays. While most of the gifts are usually for friends and other family members, nannies are also – hopefully – included. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your nanny, keep reading.

According to the International Nanny Association’s 2014 INA Salary and Benefits Survey, 60% of nannies across the nation received a year-end bonus in 2013. These bonuses include anywhere from a week’s salary to a month’s salary or more. Our affiliate GTM Payroll Services conducted their own survey of their household clients and found that over 95% of them will be giving their nanny a holiday bonus this year.

Offering bonuses and holiday gifts for nannies isn’t just a nice perk for them, it also benefits your family as an employer! Providing benefits will help attract and recruit new employees, and create a happy employee, which in turn creates a happy family.

An employer may choose to establish what is commonly known as a “holiday club savings account,” which works like other savings plans. Employees may authorize in writing that a specified amount be deducted from their paycheck and deposited into a holiday club savings account. This account usually runs just a few weeks short of a full year and enables the employee to collect his or her savings in the fall (generally mid-October), when he or she may require extra spending money at this time of year.

Please see the 20 items below for some suggestions on how to recognize and reward your nanny this holiday season!


  1. Cash bonus
  2. Sick/personal/vacation time
  3. Tuition reimbursement
  4. Education/seminar/conference expenses
  5. Cell phone use
  6. Gym/fitness club membership
  7. Health Reimbursement Account
  8. Spa/salon gift card
  9. Entertainment tickets to ball games/movies/shows
  10. Time share/use of a vacation home
  11. Gas card
  12. Grocery store gift card
  13. Purchase of a computer/PDA/I-Pad/cell phone
  14. International Nanny Association (INA) membership
  15. Housing allowance
  16. Shopping gift cards (Target, Macy’s, etc.)
  17. Retirement funding
  18. Education of a dependent
  19. Frequent flyer miles
  20. Clothing allowance

For more information on how GTM helps families with everything related to household employment, contact us at (888) 432-7972.

Holiday Gifts from Nannies to Families

holiday gifts from nannies to familiesEvery year during the holiday season, we provide a list of gift ideas for families that wish to recognize their nanny or other employee in a special way. But we have also heard from household employees who are looking for ideas for holiday gifts from nanny to parents. With some assistance from our friends at GTM Payroll Services, please check out our list of holiday gift ideas for those nannies who wish to show their appreciation for their families at this time of year.

Top 10 Gift Ideas From Nannies to Parents

  1. Photo book with pictures spanning the past year
  2. Coffee mug with gourmet coffee or hot chocolate
  3. Homemade ornaments
  4. Bottle of wine
  5. Free date night babysitting
  6. Free overnight babysitting
  7. Canvas-wrapped photo of the kids
  8. Movie night basket – popcorn and DVD or movie tickets and restaurant gift card
  9. Homemade cookies or other treats
  10. Art projects done with the kids

Let us know of any good ideas that we missed! For more information, please contact us at (518) 348-0400.

Nominate Your Nanny!

hirenannyIs your nanny the best nanny?

September 21-27, 2014 is National Nanny Recognition Week! During this week, families, businesses, and the media are encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of the nanny profession, the important role nannies play in the lives of the families, and the wonderful contribution they make in the lives of the children they care for.

There are numerous ways to celebrate this special week; one way is for you to nominate your nanny for our Nanny of the Year! Each year, A New England Nanny honors a nanny who has made a lasting impact on a family, and is an inspiration to others in the profession. Nominations are open to all full-time and temporary nannies. If you would like to nominate a nanny, please send us a brief essay about why your nominee deserves this special recognition.

Please email your essay to by Wednesday, September 24th. The winner will be announced on Friday, September 26th, and will receive a very special gift!

Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information. Have a great day!

20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Nannies

nannyholidayOffering holiday gifts and perks not only benefits your nanny, but it also benefits you as an employer! Using ideas like the ones listed below will help attract and recruit new employees, and create a happy employee, which in turn creates a happy family.

20 Ideas for Holiday Gifts and Perks

  1. Sick/personal/vacation time

  2. Cell phone use

  3. Tuition reimbursement

  4. Education/seminar/conference expenses

  5. Annual bonuses

  6. Salon/spa gift card

  7. Health Reimbursement Account

  8. Frequent flyer miles

  9. Entertainment tickets to ball games/movies/shows

  10. Time share/use of a vacation home

  11. Gas card

  12. Grocery store gift card

  13. Purchase of a computer/PDA/I-Pad/cell phone

  14. Gym/Fitness club membership

  15. Restaurant gift card

  16. International Nanny Association (INA) membership

  17. Retirement funding

  18. Education of a dependent

  19. Shopping gift cards (Target, Macy’s, etc.)

  20. Clothing allowance